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MD's Desk

I was born in Warangal district and pursued my primary education in Warangal district later on a diploma in ceramics -GICT -Gudur & BTech Ceramics from IIC Kolkata. Being interested in the Ceramic world worked in various industries. Still, my ultimate wish was to start an Entrepreneurship at my birthplace and provide them with a wide range of innovative technologies in Ceramics. When I started my business 13 years ago, I was skeptical about the number of customers I could reach daily. I had the capital to turn an idea into a business, but the fear of failing was my biggest demon. But set up all my courage and started my business Hardik Sai Ceramics in 2010. The name Hardik Sai Ceramics is given because Hardik stands for Heartfully ( Hrudayapurvakamga) Sai stands for my Spiritual god lord Sai Baba and Cermaics stands for my Education. For me it's a go for your passion One may ignore the power of passion by defining it as human negligence but at the end of the day, passion can only help you to meet your dreams.

Mr Katta Srinivas

Mr.Katta Srinivas ( B-Tech Ceramics) IIC - Kolkata

Managing Director

If a person is passionate about becoming a businessman then nothing can stop that individual from achieving his or her dreams. Passion can lead to an establishment. The zeal for passion should be engraved within a young mind to build a business empire. Being a Ceramic Engineer (Graduated from IIC, Kolkata) and having a work experience in various companies like Raasi, Johnson & Somany. Over 16 years, I was deeply engrossed with my passion to be an entrepreneur and slowly with time and some effortless dedication I have built up my own business which is currently running with quite a good rate of success. Starting from the initial days of business in 2010, I had always given the topmost priority to the demand and the changing desires of my target group. In the end, they are the sole reason for the existence of my organization. Analyzing their choice, their habits, and every other activity is a sign of making a proper business strategy. In any business, a customer is the pillar of strength. Be it a small organization or a big conglomerate everywhere customers are given the first priority in terms of growth and popularity Based on this segmented group of customers, I always plan out various strategies on how to make the product more efficient and better in use. Now, here comes the relationship of building trust. A product of a particular organization can only shine in the market if the customer believes in it. The entire branding team of my business is equipped with some good marketing and persuading skills so that the image can never fade in the eyes of the public. Always keep an experienced team of branding for better productivity.

Mr. Suresh Gurrapu (B.Tech IT)

General Manager Operations

Vision : One of the best showroom in tri cities with best quality and services (One stop shop).

Mission : Achieving customer delight through business innovation and cost effectiveness while pursuing latest technology.

Our Team

In HSC, more than 30 + team members are very dedicated to serving the customers. They are well-experienced and qualified in their own respective fields of activities. They are always ready to render their expert service to the customers from selecting suitable products from the showrooms to maintaining customer relations for a lifetime. They ensure the satisfaction of each customer is their prime duty. The basic goal is to maintain good relations with our clients by meeting their specific requirements by providing them satisfactory service. Our high-quality staff team integrates marketing, research, development, and planning for the best result.

Sathupally Karunakar

Syed Saleem

Vaskula Vamshi

Nunavath Narsimha

Bogi Prakash

Mahammad Sameer

Manda Ranjith

Panthula K Srinivas

Kandagatla Harika

Bashaboina Komala

Our journey Starts from 2010...


HSC maintains full-fledged, efficient, and skilled logistical persons for supplying and maintaining proper logistical procedures, and on-time delivery to meet the customer’s satisfaction. The effective transport facilities of the group provide more than 5 vehicles with logistical restraint systems and more than 20 direct and indirect employees for creating a secure environment for the transport and delivery of the pieces. Our professional team displays first-class service and care to client's expectations. Understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, we deliver exceptional service and stay close to company values. Our motivated, determined team provides excellent logistics solutions to our customers, no matter how difficult it is.


Being the largest distributor of tiles, sanitary wares, and bathroom fittings. HSC has 4 warehousing spaces and arrangements at 3 locations in Warangal city. Possessing the 4 large warehouses we always maintain upgraded stock throughout the year. We periodically upgrade new stock around the clock. It ensures the smooth flow of tiles and sanitary ware throughout the wide network of the showroom.